The Best Self Care Tips to Ring In 2023 and Feel Great!

Whether you are all about setting resolutions before you ring in the new year, or you have your hangups about setting goals this particular time of year, we can all agree that self care goes a long way in improving our overall outlook on life. We’ve compiled some self care tips to help you ring in 2023 feeling great – regardless of how you feel about resolutions.

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Self Care to take care of yourself physically, mentaly, and spiritually. These rituals can range from seemingly mundane tasks to enjoyable luxuries.

However, they all play an important role in keeping us healthy and happy. Some examples of self care include: taking a shower, drinking plenty of water, cleaning your home, regular physical activity, reading, travel, and spiritual practices.

Each of these rituals correlate to our mental health and well-being, so whether you simply drink 8 glasses of water every day, or you get a weekly massage, you are doing something that impacts the way you feel in a positive manner.

Entering the new year with a focus on self care is a great way to get started on the right foot and it gives you a clear starting point to work with. But, setting new goals and finding ways to implement positive self care can start – or shift – at any time of year.
Ring in the New Year With Self Care Rituals

Why not ring in the New Year with some fun self care ideas?

If you are over the party hard ‘till dawn then wake up with a headache vibe of your younger years, this could be a fabulous way to start the year.

Whether you want to experience a serene New Year’s Eve solo, or incorporate your partner or friends and family, there are some fun ways to focus on health and wellness while celebrating the arrival of a new year. Some self care focused ideas to help you celebrate might include:

• Practice gratitude – write down the experiences and people you are grateful for. You can share this with others, or keep it to yourself and look back on it when you need a reminder.

• At home spa treatment – bust out your best robe and slippers! You could do this with a group and have each bring an item such as face masks, foot scrub, aromatherapy oil, etc.

• Ditch the alcohol – believe it or not, there are actually some really delicious non-alcoholic cocktails that are both delightful and mood boosting.

• Nibble while you self care – incorporate our Noon Tide bars into your evening for a sense of relaxation that won’t make you drowsy.

• Midnight hike – pack along good warm layers and head lamps, and yell “Happy New Year!” from a mountain top.

Top Self Care Resolutions

If you aren’t into resolutions, you can still keep some of these ideas in mind. Even if they aren’t written in stone and monitored daily, these self care “resolutions” are just good practice in general.

• Get more quality sleep – 7-9 hours is the recommended amount. If that’s a stretch, you can at least start with establishing a set bedtime and wake up time to keep your sleep schedule consistent.

• Laugh more – The cliche is true! Laughter is the ultimate medicine! Whether it’s funny clips or a hilarious author, engage with a good belly laugh as much as you deem appropriate.

• Exercise to feel good – find something you really enjoy and stick with it. The goal is to feel good. Not about how you look.

Start the Year Pain-Free

If the previous year has run you ragged, it may be hard to get in the spirit for resolutions and self care.

With a little pain free planning, and some gentle self care, you can ring in the New Year with less pain and more promise.

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