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About Us

Noontide is a functional chocolate designed to help elevate your everyday!

Rooted in ayurvedic medicine, noontide is functional chocolate, designed to offer a balance between health and indulgence, it offers an entourage effect by using all natural ingredients that nourish the mind and body 

The raw and real ingredients provide benefits beyond basic nutrition / flavor, positively affecting bodily functions to achieve an elevated state of health, mood and well being 

Nootide was created for everyone that wants more out of snack ! more clean, more purposeful, more delicious. a clean lifestyle often starts with what goes into your body, so say good bye to guilty indulgence and enter the era of clean and purposeful snacking, that also tastes delicious  

What is Noon Tide

A FRIEND: Noon Tide bars are made to help you get with the day & through it by keeping you feeling full & energised. Research shows that Cocoa does exactly that. Noon Tide are like your friend with benerits tool Noon Tide bars are like your friend (with benefits too)

 PLEASURE BUT NOT GUILTY!:  Skip the conventional snacks & grab yourself a Noon Tide bar. The Raw & Real ingredients with Protein, natural sugars & Fibers will give you sustained energy to get through & beyond your daily slumps. Also the chocolate will take care of your sweet tooth.

What Noon Tide Is Made Of

Noon Tide is an Organic, Plant-based bar formulated using Pea protein, Carob protein, Maca root powder, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Ginseng, Date syrup, Yacon syrup, Tapioca syrup, Himalayan pink salt, topped with Dark chocolate.

Our Varieties include Peanut butter, Nutty crunch, Brownie Fudge.

It’s the Best PICK ME UP you can find!!!

Noontide has been designed using

Adaptogens : herbs and roots that help body adapt and respond to stress 

Nootropics : nurture your neuro transmitters to enhance brain function like cognition and focus

Plant Protein : provides clean energy and elevated taste