How to Naturally Address Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. According to studies , 2 in 3 adults (67%) say they have experienced increased stress over the course of the pandemic in 2020, and nearly half of adults (49%) stated that their behavior has been negatively impacted by this increased stress.

While stress is often unavoidable, there are many natural ways to manage stress so that it does not limit your life or happiness. One such common way is by physical activity; Physical activity is commonly cited as one of the best ways to reduce stress. While everyone has their own health realities to contend with, especially as we get older, even something as simple as a daily walk can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety levels. Everyone has their own approach to exercise. Whether it is the adrenaline fueled charge of endorphins from a kick boxing match, or the much calmer release of a Pilates session, or simply a jog through the park, find the approach that works best for you, and stick to it.

The second way is meditation;

Meditation and mindfulness may be another excellent way to resolve anxiety and day to day stress.

There are various approaches to meditation, but most have several elements in common — a quiet distraction-free setting, a relaxed posture, and a specific focus for your attention – this could be breathing, a mantra, or even an object – in order to let distractions and anxieties come and go naturally. Whether through an app, podcast, YouTube guided videos or as part of another mindfulness practice, meditation is a useful and easy tool to add to your stress management arsenal.

Not so well known way is controlling what goes into your body, whether by supplementing your diet, or limiting intake of certain substances, is another powerful way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

For example, caffeine is a fairly strong stimulant that can trigger your “fight or flight” response, and studies show that this can make anxiety worse or even trigger the anxiety levels. Thus, like all things, it is essential to consider the quantity and frequency of consumption to avoid negative impacts on health, stress and anxiety, especially for those of us who may be more sensitive.

On the other hand , there are numerous supplements and foods that have been studied for their ability to modulate stress and anxiety.

The NoonTide bars have been crafted to help with anxiety during after work. To increase the brain function , keep you active focused so you can exploit your fullest potential.

While stress and anxiety will inevitably arise in everyday life, there are plenty of easy ways to reduce their effects. What will you do today matters! If Choosing a healthy diet, being mindful of the things that enter the body as snacks are some ways you would like to deal with stress & anxiety, Noon Tide will be ideal .

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