Mother’s Day Gifts That Do More

Mother’s Day is about showing the mothers in our lives how much we appreciate them, and finding the perfect gift goes beyond aesthetics. When buying a Mother’s Day gift, look for one that also does good to show them how much you appreciate all they have given you.

Gifts For Self Care

Gifts that inspire self care are the gifts that keep giving. It is no surprise that self care is more important now than ever. Mother’s Day gifts that promote mental and physical well being have a lasting impact that give mothers a way to access the things that make them feel good.

Gifts That Are Good For The Planet

Show love to both your mother and Mother Earth at the same time with an eco-friendly gift!

Some gift ideas that are also good for the planet include:

• Gifts that recycle single use plastics- From makeup bags to trendy earrings, there are a wide variety of products made from single use plastic that are both cute and durable.

• Thermal mugs- Designer travel mugs are fun and they help replace single use bottles and cups.

• Reusable bags and wraps- Get away from plastic bags and saran wrap with reusable versions that come in pretty designs.

• Delicacies that are sourced sustainably- Think about ethically sourced chocolate. The double bonus with this is it does a world of good for the humans who source it as well!

• Organic products- The environmental benefits of buying certified organic products include: lower emissions, healthier soil and waterways, better storing of carbon.

Ethically Sourced Gifts

Do good for mom. Do good for the planet. Do good for humanity.

Ethically responsible gifts do all three and they don’t have to break the bank.
Follow these rules when you are shopping to ensure you are gifting products and services that are ethically sourced.

• Local when you can- It’s easier to know what a company stands for when it is sourced in your area and you interact with the people who create it. When you can buy local, you see the positive impact at a very personal level.

• Organic- This is a good initial indicator of what a brand stands for, though you should look for other traits that show how a product is ethically sourced.

• Learn the story behind the product- If you can’t talk to the CEO and the line workers at your local grocery store, read up on the story behind it. Who are the faces behind it? What is the mission? Where are the raw materials sourced?

Chocolate That Does More

Noon Tide bars are products that your mom will love because they offer everything that will make her feel good!

• Ethically sourced ingredients-  Our ethically sourced chocolate comes from a co-op of small farmers across Puttur, Mangalore.

• Plant based/vegan- ethically sourced cacao, these bars are 100% plant based, vegan & gluten-free. We formulate with a focus on effectiveness, but never compromise on flavor.

• Self-care enhancing ingredients- Pairing chocolate with active ingredients creates an indulgent and especially effective experience, as the natural healthy fats in the chocolate act as a carrier to improve bioavailability of the other ingredients.


Mother’s Day is a day when you show your mother how much she matters to you how much you value all that she does for you. Make such to treat her to the best experience.

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